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Burberry Watches

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Burberry watches have a selection of prices, ranging from entry level to high end. They have excellent build quality and history. With just short of 100 models for both men and women. Their retailers suggested prices start from £150.

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History of

Originally established in Britain by a man called Thomas Burberry. Creating products designed to protect the British public from the British weather. Eventually the brand chose to design and develop timepieces.

Through many developments in technology and new styles & design techniques Burberry watches are always evolving. They never compromise on quality and consistency in their timepieces. This example of quality and consistency is showcased through their whole product range including women’s wear, men’s wear and other fashion products.

Ordering Wholesale Burberry Watches

When making an order for wholesale Burberry watches, we are able to offer our extensive discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Our B2B strategy; we aim to offer the cheapest prices online but we also offer wholesale Burberry watch order discount breaks for the following order values:

Orders above 3000 EUR grants an automatic 5% discount.
Orders above 6000 EUR grants an automatic 10% discount.

For larger orders please contact us for discount rates.

All of our watches come brand new with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions and warranty booklets. All watches from Wholesale Watches B2B are authentic. If you wish to check the quality please request to make a sample order.

Purchasing Burberry Watches Wholesale

wholesalewatchesb2b.com offers a simple and user friendly way to purchase original Burberry watches in wholesale quantities at b2b prices. All of our watches are offered at the most competitive if not the cheapest wholesale prices. Use our online platform to find the required models and automatically add discounts in the checkout process. Ensuring you receive the best value for your money.

To view our wholesale Burberry watch models, please Register for an account and then visit our Shop. If you need any more information on ordering or registering please feel free to Contact Us.

Burberry Watches & Quality

Watches from Burberry have an excellent build quality and offer a lot of useful features as well as great design. These timepieces use the latest technology in the design phase. Burberry wristwatches are usually equipped with Swiss-made automatic mechanical (self-winding) and quartz electronic movements and both stainless steel & high-quality ceramic cases. The Water-resistance they offer is typically from 5 to 10 bars.

Burberry watches offer a variety of features and functions to help with the daily use of a timepiece:

  • Chronograph
  • Chronometer
  • Tachymeter
  • Subdials for hours, minutes & seconds
  • Calendar
  • Glowing hands for use in the dark

These products are well-crafted, sturdy watches that are intended to be excellent sellers for our customers.

Burberry watches are regularly sold at jewellery stores and department stores. Anywhere that sells Burberry’s fashion products will also usually sell their timepieces. They also have a lot of flagship stores in many major cities in European countries and the US. Burberry watches are also sold widely online as this brand is loved by many people all around the world.

With over 250 models in our Burberry wholesale watch collection. Excellent quality and workmanship are clearly evident with patented mesh in the women’s watches. As well as the style in the checkered pattern of some of their models, seamlessly blends in a stainless steel coloured case.

Their men’s watches are very comfortable whilst still being practical. These are usually the 2 aspects men require from their timepiece. Burberry watches fulfill these requirements very well, keep in mind that Burberry offers mostly classic style models.

The most recent designs introduced follow the trend of modernising watches. With the introduction of leather straps is instantly recognisable as a new design trait. There is no wonder that celebrities are always showcasing their Burberry watches at glitzy events and functions.