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Diesel Watches

If you are looking for a new designer watch wholesaler then you have found the best place for wholesale Diesel watches, www.wholesalewatchesb2b.com. Diesel watches come under the mid priced category of watches that we offer. When sold at retail most of the watches are around £100-£350 range for both men’s watches and women’s watches.

All designer brands history becomes part of their selling factor. We like to include the history of the brands we sell because they usually offer a good idea about a brand. Diesel watches are popular and desirable in the fashion world. When you receive your new wholesale Diesel watch from wholesalewatchesb2b.com you won’t be disappointed in the quality or design.

Diesel tailors and aims its products towards the youths and younger generations. This is showcased in the design of Diesel watches which always follow current trends and modern styles.

History of

Renzo Rosso created the Diesel brand in 1978, choosing the name because it is easy to understand and pronounced the same way around the world. At that time, Diesel was also considered an “alternative energy”, so the word stood for an alternative taste in fashion.

Diesel launched its first ‘For Successful Living’ advertising campaign in 1991, instantly establishing a reputation for innovative marketing. The brand’s first flagship stores, in New York, Rome and London, opened in 1996.

One of the notable figures that prompted the success of this campaign is Wilbert Das who became part of the company in 1988. He was in charge of all the creative decisions, including the collection of licenses for jewellery and watch accessories.

Ordering Wholesale Diesel Watches

When making an order for wholesale Diesel watches, we are able to offer our extensive discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Our B2B strategy; we aim to offer the cheapest prices online but we also offer wholesale Diesel watch order discount breaks for the following order values:

Orders above 3000 EUR grants an automatic 5% discount.
Orders above 6000 EUR grants an automatic 10% discount.

For larger orders please contact us for discount rates.

All of our watches come brand new with an original presentation box, authenticity tags, instructions and warranty booklets. All watches from Wholesale Watches B2B are authentic. If you wish to check the quality please request to make a sample order.

Our large warehouse stock of designer watches means we can offer the very best and lowest prices for wholesale watches from Diesel to our customers. We always help our clients compete in the luxury watch market, without luxury prices.

Purchasing Diesel Watches Wholesale

wholesalewatchesb2b.com offers a simple and user friendly way to purchase original Diesel watches in wholesale quantities at b2b prices. All of our watches are offered at the most competitive if not the cheapest wholesale prices. Use our online platform to find the required models and automatically add discounts in the checkout process. Ensuring you receive the best value for your money.

To view our wholesale Diesel watch models, please Register for an account and then visit our Shop. If you need any more information on ordering or registering please feel free to Contact Us.

Diesel Watches & Quality

Watches from Diesel come with a selection of functions popular in the men’s industry. With the bold style also favoured within the industry. Due to the higher price tag for Diesel watches you will need a bigger order total to gain bigger profits.

Diesel is an Italian clothing company, predominantly selling denim products. Usually known for their surreal advertising campaigns. They also sell accessories including watches. Their trendsetting designs are now among the world’s most popular timepieces, as they offer striking looks and affordable pricing.

Most watches that Diesel design are made using stainless steel cases and quartz movements, both high quality inclusions for any timepiece. Many of their sports models include a water-resistance up to 10 bars, making them very good for sports and outside activities, although we recommend checking each models specifications regarding water-resistance.

Diesel use a variety of materials on different models for their straps including leather, stainless steel or plastic. Most of their watches use an analogue display, although a few have digital or alternative style faces.

Diesel watches can be found for sale from various sellers, including top jewellery dealers and up market department stores. As well as from many online platforms including Amazon and eBay plus other independent online stores. We currently stock approximately 75 Diesel watch models.

Diesel are always innovating with style and their products are true to this ethos. This along with their style and quality helped Diesel to become a popular brand within the watch industry. After selling watches for over 20 years, they have gained the title of a solid genuine brand for watch products. We are always updating our stock and adding the latest models from their collections.

Diesel watches help improve your style. Luxury watches from Diesel give you a desirable look, fitting to new trends in fashion. They offer a variety of style including modern, futuristic and classic. All models have that edgy urban styling that Diesel are known for. No one offers watches quite like Diesel. Just be sure wholesalewatchesb2b.com is the perfect place to buy wholesale watches from Diesel.